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The future of film school.

For the first time you can live your dream of learning filmmaking, whatever your life situation, on your own schedule, without having to quit work, move, or take on student loans. Learn Filmmaking on professional virtual sound stages, learn to use high end professional digital cinema cameras, even go back in time to learn film history.  

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                          • FILMVR 101 - Immersive Intro to Film Production

                          • VOICVR 101 - Immersive Intro to Voice Acting

Next session starts January 8, 2024!  (Registration opens November 24, 2023)

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An unforgettable experience.

With fully immersive experiences that would be impossible to replicate in any real-world film school environment, the Metaverse Film School is a film school like no other on the planet! Accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any platform (VR headset, Desktop PC, Mac, Android or iPhone smartphones).

Our Film School Philosophy

Over the past two decades we have watched countless students with dreams of going to film school and becoming a filmmaker have to put their lives and families on hold, and become burdened with overwhelming student debt just to receive a film education. Some are even turned away due to their inability to secure the necessary finances, credit, time or resources to get an expensive traditional filmmaking education.

The minds behind the Metaverse Film School have been teaching filmmaking since 1986. We know we can democratize film school and provide an unmatched level of filmmaking education while retaining accessibility. Film school should not be out of reach for aspiring filmmakers around the world who do not have the time, money, or resources to attend traditional film school. 

Our Philosophy is "Zero barrier to entry" for film school and filmmaking.

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