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The Film School

The Metaverse Film School LLC brings the professional motion picture production & soundstage experience to a whole new world of aspiring filmmakers - creative minds who would likely never be able to access this level of experience and education otherwise.

At the Metaverse Film School, every student has access to fully equipped, fully immersive, virtual soundstages and multi-camera production studios. Every student has hands-on access to high end “virtualized” motion picture equipment including;

  • High end cinema cameras

  • Professional lights

  • Green screen

  • LED Wall

  • Motion capture stage

  • Rostrum camera


Every student can build their own virtual $100,000 RED Dragon Digital Cinema Camera, plan their own movie, build their own set or even shoot and direct on famous (virtual) sets.

  • Miniature and forced perpective sets

  • Motion picture studio backlot

  • Production offices

  • Support

  • Rigging

  • And more!

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